Buying New Construction? Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

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A big perk of a nice, shiny, brand-new, never-before-lived-in house is just that – it’s brand-new and the systems and components are shiny and new as well.


Theory would suggest then that a brand-new house would be exempt from needing the repairs more prevalently found in older homes, and therefore the inspection process should just be a formality. However, that is not always the case. The inspection process is an integral part of buying a home regardless of how old or new that home might be.


Formality of inspection process should dictate one inspection should be sufficient; however, again, that’s not the case.


The Inspection Process 

When buying new construction from a builder in a new development, there are various inspections which occur prior to closing. The pre-drywall inspection and pre-closing walk-through process are the two most notable inspections. Pre-drywall is when the buyer has a chance to make sure the electrical, duct work and plumbing appear correct as well as take pictures of what things look like behind the walls. This is helpful for any repairs down the road and for placement of art on the walls.


Be Your Own Advocate

Prior to the pre-closing walk-through and punch-list inspection, it’s important for the buyer to hire their own independent inspector to inspect the house as if it’s a resale rather than new construction. But if this is a new house, why does the buyer need their own inspection? Believe it or not, builders, contractors and subcontractors can sometimes make mistakes – inadvertently, of course, but mistakes nonetheless. Any deficiencies found during the independent inspection can be added to the buyer’s punch list for the builder to correct prior to closing.


Once closing occurs, the buyer is not through with inspections. Most builders offer a one-year home warranty to the buyers. Around 10 months into owning the home, it’s important for the buyer to hire their independent inspector to re-inspect the home to make sure the components and systems are still functioning properly. If anything is deficient at that point, the warranty company can make the repairs prior to the expiration of the warranty.






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